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Are the Cayman Islands Safe for Tourists?

Are the Cayman Islands safe for tourists? Absolutely! In this Sunset House blog, we explain how our home islands are the perfect place for your getaway.
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What is Reef-Safe Sunscreen and What is its Importance?

What is reef-safe sunscreen and what is its importance? Read this Sunset House blog and find out why we ask guests to use reef-friendly products.
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Where are the Best Places to Snorkel in the Cayman Islands?

Did you know that the Cayman Islands has 365 recognized dive sites? If you had the time available, you could dive into a different part of our beautiful underwater world for an entire year! It’s no surprise, then, that people travel from all over the world to enjoy our diving trips in Grand Cayman. But...
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School of Eagle Rays

10 Aquatic Animals You Will Encounter in Grand Cayman

Did you know that there are a little under 500 recorded fish species in the waters around Grand Cayman? Given this breathtaking array of marine life, choosing only ten feels like picking our favorite stars in a galaxy! Of course, any list we come up with is only an introduction to the dazzling range of...
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Southern stingray in motion

Is Stingray City in Grand Cayman Worth the Visit?

If you’re planning a vacation to Grand Cayman, chances are you’ve come across the buzz surrounding Stingray City during your research. This renowned attraction is one of our island’s most famous, and it’s near the top of many visitors’ lists of must-visit places. But is Stingray City worth the visit? After all, your vacation time...
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4 lounges and umbrella on the Caribbean beach

A First Timer’s Guide to Grand Cayman Island

Are you preparing to visit Grand Cayman for the first time? One thing’s for sure—you’re in for a warm welcome and great hospitality. That’s what Caymankind is all about! At Sunset House, we’re Grand Cayman’s hotel for divers, by divers. So if you’re visiting to make the most of the world-class diving in Grand Cayman,...
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We are one happy family of divers at Sunset House

A collaborative piece by Emma, TJ, Lisa, Lin, Maria & Grace – The Sunset House Dive Family Did you know there are 365 dive sites across the three Cayman Islands, offering a new dive experience for each day of the year. The Dive 365 initiative, from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has highlighted the...
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What it takes to be a Sunset Divers Captain!

by Melissa Hart – Sunset Divers Boat Captain & Instructor Being a dive boat captain is easy right? Drive around a boat in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with beautiful warm blue water calling your name, picking your favorite dive sites, mingling with the customers everyday. Sounds amazing right? Let me tell you what...
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A day in the life of an instructor at Sunset House

by Tanuj (aka TJ) – Sunset Divers Instructor In the midst of a global shutdown, the isolation has indeed presented an opportunity to reflect on our lives and the global impact we make as a community. This allows me to show you what it is to spend a day in our lives. The cycle works...
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Mermaid statue under water

The Siren of the Sea Turns Twenty

Answer a simple question about the siren in question and you might win a dive vacation for two to Sunset House. Who has a stony stare, weighs as much as a vending machine and draws divers from around the world to bask in her beauty in the waters off Grand Cayman? Amphitrite, of course. Also...
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