A day in the life of an instructor at Sunset House

by Tanuj (aka TJ) – Sunset Divers Instructor

In the midst of a global shutdown, the isolation has indeed presented an opportunity to reflect on our lives and the global impact we make as a community. This allows me to show you what it is to spend a day in our lives. The cycle works with the sun, as long as there’s sun we will work and occasionally nocturnal creatures demand our attention and we go explore in the evening light.

Early sun rays marks the beginning of our adventure, clock strikes 7 am and away we go. Its a subconscious trail, get the boats to dock, prepare the boats beforehand, be ready for surprises, the game is on, safely out of the dock is the radio transmission and away we go.

All the staff here at Sunset House understand the importance of working together, every player is key and bring the best out of each other. Its a great sight for the conductor when 15 individuals who have shared life experiences on a global scale bring a strong personality and work within a team to achieve the same goal. This makes for the best diving operation in the Caribbean, a place for divers by divers.

Arriving at the first dive site of the day we dive in for the adventure. The outstanding terrain underwater, crystal clear blue waters, flourishing with marine life amuses all of us with what this beautiful planet holds. Soon after we enjoy the in between mystery fruit of the day, (if you know the answer then we’ll make sure that you get your share when we see you again), the day is seized with another dive and back to the dock for noon.

On our way back for lunch we exchange laughs, talk about nooks and crannies, as some instructors would say, the banter never ends and as amazing as it is, everyone is happy and filled with joy. I blame it on the nitrogen.

The second half of the day is marked with afternoon trips to the Wreck of the Kittiwake or Sting Ray city. Guests also take advantage of shore diving, it’s the perfect way to explore the Sunset house reef. We love to teach at Sunset Divers, an afternoon could see any of the team teaching Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water, Advanced courses, and other specialty programs. If not diving the rest of the team cracks on preparing for the next day, from getting the tanks ready to organizing the boat, the day is almost over.

The sun has gone down, the sun-rays are not so strong, the colors start to change and to the bar we go. A few beers watching the sunset, waiting to see the green flash, talking to divers about their lives and making connections with people from across the world is the usual setting for an evening here at My Bar.

It does sound too good to be true and I pinch myself everyday, but being a diving instructor can also be challenging on some days, weather is beyond our control and when it’s too rough to play, we will not play. Everyone here works with pride, adhering to safety and standards, keeping it simple and safe, and most importantly fun.

I am proud to say that this team holds some of the best individuals I have the privilege to work with and a great team that will mark its name high in the history of Sunset House.

A bit about myself, I am Tanuj, street name TJ, I was born and raised in Delhi, India. I was 21 when I left and became a professional diver and I am now in my 7th year working and living the life of a dive Instructor. I have been working at Sunset House since August 2019 and the Cayman Islands is my home right now.


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